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Put thought into a few questions you would like your person to be asked.

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Make an appointment for a Northridge lie-detector test.

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How a polygraph exam works

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Your body tells the truth even when your mouth doesn't.

When you lie, your body knows it is doing a bad thing and is hoping not to get caught.

Modern lie-detection equipment can detect these tiny changes in your body.

Nervousness will not cause a fail. Only lying or moving will cause a fail, so we make sure you do not move.

The client can usually monitor the exam if needed, as it occurs.

Less than $200
for a complete polygraph test
in Northridge

polygraph test in Northridge CA

More than 30 years of experience, more than 10,000 completed examinations.

Moraga Drive polygraph

You can use the polygraph guy that the studios use!

Northridge CA lie-detection exams

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Northrdge lie etection

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